About Us

T.I Hospitality, a central component of The Issa Group, has a proud history in the hospitality and catering industry spanning more than two decades and incorporating hotels, restaurants, pizza bars, a distillery, mining and remote area camp sites.  This experience has equipped the team at T.I Hospitality with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage the development and delivery of a broad range of hospitality and related services.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Sam Issa has grown and developed with the company over its life.  He has an intimate knowledge about every facet of the business, and is passionate about excellence in all things catering and hospitality related.  Furthermore, he is committed to staff development of the T.I Hospitality team, so that they will demonstrate the same passion and understanding as he does.

T.I Hospitality’s continuing success is due to our dedicated team and strong focus on customer service. We work with our customers to understand their needs, to deliver exceptional service in meeting those needs, and monitoring our service provision with a commitment to continuous improvement.

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