T.I Hospitality Commences Operations at Hera Village Mining Camp

Sunday, September 01, 2013

T.I Hospitality today began its contract to provide camp management and hospitality services at the Hera Village Mining Camp, located at Nymagee, some 100 kms south of Cobar in central NSW.

The T.I Hospitality team, led by its Managing Director, Mr Sam Issa, will be providing food and hospitality services, as well as taking responsibility for the general management and further development of the camp.  Mr Issa was glowing in his description of the “first class” facilities that had been constructed as part of the mobilisation of the Hera Project. “We’re very much focussed on making sure we get the small things right, so that the Village residents can be safe, feel safe, and be able to treat their accommodation more like a home away from home”, Mr Issa said.  One example is the restaurant quality coffee made by Dom, the camp barista.

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