T.I Hospitality Preferred Tenderer for YTC Hera Project, Nymagee

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

T.I Hospitality Managing Director, Sam Issa, expressed his pleasure today at the announcement by YTC Resources that T.I Hospitality had been awarded the contract to supply camp management and hospitality services to its Hera Project at Nymagee, about 100 kms south of Cobar in central NSW.

“The Hera Village Mining Camp will begin operations in September with accommodation for70 residents, climbing to 110 rooms when the second stage is completed towards the end of 2013”, Mr Issa said.  He went on to say that he and the team at T.I Hospitality were looking forward to supporting YTC’s efforts in the development of its mining venture. “We’re delighted that YTC have given us and the services we provide this stamp of approval”, he added.

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