Mining and Remote

T.I Hospitality caters daily necessities to mining villages housing hundreds of workers in remote site areas, T.I Hospitality make it a priority to provide some of the creature comforts of home for miners and other employees who are often a long way from home for long periods of time.

As a leading name in the hospitality industry, T.I Hospitality’s experience is unmatched.

22 years of experience has equipped the team at T.I Hospitality with the necessary skills and knowledge need to manage the necessary on-site facilities of new or existing mining projects, catering with regular well-balanced meals and your mine site a healthy environment to work and live.

T.I Hospitality close relationships with reliable and trusted contractors allow us to provide an excellent range of accommodation services for remote mine sites including

  • Accommodation management
  • Entertainment from setting up TVs to recreation rooms.
  • Maintenance
  • Reception services
  • Laundry services
  • Housekeeping
  • Industrial and on-site cleaning
  • Waste management
  • Library services
  • Gardening and grounds maintenance
  • Pest control

T.I Hospitality provides healthy well-balanced meals designed to provide your employees with the necessary nutrients they need for improved productivity. You don’t even have to have kitchen facilities. We have mobile catering vans that can bring freshly made meals right to your door. Whether it’s a vending machine, daily delicious, healthy menus for a cafeteria, or mobile catering, T.I Hospitality can do it all.

In addition to this your workers’ safety and security while working and living on site is of great importance. T.I Hospitality understands the importance your job makes to the Australian economy, and will do everything in our power ensure to provide safety measures to ensure your health and safety on site. These include:

  • Emergency procedures
  • Fire and protective services
  • First aid services
  • Catering

Sport and recreation amenities

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